Annual General Meeting:
Tuesday June 13th at 7:00 pm
Knights of Columbus Hall, Ellis St,
*If you are interested in becoming a
Board Member, please attend a
gathering at McCann Centre,
located at the Knights of Columbus Hall
on June 19th, from 5:30-8:30 pm.

Stand Up Against Violence

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if the Shelter is full?
Shelter staff will make every effort to find other safe accommodations should the shelter be full. Transportation may be arranged.

Are there other community resources available if I decide I don't need to use a shelter?
Bernadette McCann House for Women (BMH) Community Support and Outreach Services, can provide information and support to abused women and their children in a community setting. Offices are located in Pembroke, Renfrew, Killaloe, Deep River, and Petawawa. Please call the Outreach Manager at 613- 732-7776 to assist you.

Will my children be welcome?
BMH has a Children's Caseworker who can provide information and support to your children. Male children up to the age of 16 are welcome. BMH may help you access other community supports for male children over the age of 16.

Should I call before coming?
It is helpful if you can call first, 613-732-3131, or 1-800-267-4930 so shelter staff can be ready for you. If you believe your personal safety is at risk, come to the shelter immediately, or go to the nearest police station.

What do I need to bring with me?
Depending on how much time and opportunity you have, you may want to consider bringing the following documents: Identification, Birth Certificates for you and your children, Health Cards, S.I.N. , Passports, School and Medical Records, Bankbooks.

Will my partner be able to find me?
Bernadette McCann House for Women is a highly secured building, and every effort will be made to ensure your safety.

What is a safety plan?
A safety plan can assist you and your children when leaving an abusive situation.  Call our Crisis Line 613-732-3131 to speak directly with a staff about a safety plan.

Who pays for my stay?
Women and their children are not required to pay for their stay. BMH is funded by the Ministry of Community & Social Services, and the Ministry of Youth and Children's Services.

What kinds of programs do shelters offer?
BMH offers support through groups, one to one support, safety planning, referrals, information and resources to help you and your children better understand and deal with an abusive situation.

Can I continue to work while living in the shelter?
Yes, you can continue to work, however, clients are responsible for their own childcare arrangements, and staff may assist with this endeavor.

Will I have access to a telephone, or computer?
Yes, there is a telephone and computers available to clients.

Do shelter staff have specialized training?
Yes. Staff have academic and professional qualifications, and receive on-going training.

I'm on a special diet. Can shelters meet my dietary needs?
Every effort will be made to accommodate special dietary needs. Please let staff members know about any dietary requirements for you or your children. We can also accommodate food allergies by taking special precautions.

Are shelters accessible for a person with a disability?
Yes. BMH is equipped with wheel chair accessibility and elevator access. A woman with a disability may bring her service provider into the shelter to assist her if necessary.

What happens when I leave the shelter, is there any follow-up?
You can call the shelter helpline at any time 613-732-3131 or 1-800-267-4930.
In addition BMH offers Community Support & Outreach Services for further support. You can access this service by calling the Outreach Manager at 613-732-7776.

Are pets allowed?
BMH does not have adequate facilities to shelter pets. We can help you in making arrangements to care for your pets, while you are staying in the shelter.

I don't speak English very well. Do shelters have interpreters?
At Bernadette McCann House for Women interpreters may be arranged, and every effort will be made to assist you. Francophone staff is available to clients within the Shelter.